Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre

Who we are: 
We are the main welfare services provider and community development organisation in Nimbin. As well as the significant services we provide to mainly disadvantaged clients, we have a stewardship role in relation to the Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan and we do work around Food Security, Renewable Energy and Transport in particular. At present our main community development project is 7 Sibley Street - Nimbin's Sustainable Living Hub.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
In relation to the Sustainable Living Hub project we seek designers, architects, builders, craftspeople and product developers. Right now we are focused on paying off the land purchased for the project. Once that is paid off we will move onto the work on the site, with the first stage being to relocate the existing old house on the site to a different place on the site.
Non-cash donations: 
We accept donations of food and blankets. We will be looking for donations of sustainable building and landscaping materials in relation to the 7 Sibley Street project.
Languages spoken at charity: 
English, some German
Contact name: 
Natalie Meyer
Telephone number: 
02 66891692
71 Cullen Street, Nimbin, New South Wales, 2480, Australia
Any further information the volunteer should know?: 
Cash Donations - cash donations of more than $2 towards our charitable purposes are Tax Deductible. Cash donations towards the 7 Sibley Street project are not Tax Deductible. Cash donations to NNIC's charitable purposes can be made by cheque or directly to our bank account - contact us for details. Donations towards 7 Sibley Street can be made by cheque, direct deposit (contact us for bank details) or PayPal via the project's website which is The project's bank account details are also avail on that website. Any further information the volunteer should know? We have many diverse activities for volunteers to get involved in ranging from food production activities, building activities to the daily work of servicing disadvantaged folks at NNIC.