Niños de Guatemala

Who we are: Niños de Guatemala was founded in 2006 in order to build a better future for Guatemala and its children through education. Niños de Guatemala (NDG) does this by setting up and supporting community development projects and trying to involve the local community in the process.

At NDG, we strive to be open, professional, driven, and creative, in our efforts to improve the opportunities of Guatemalan children living in poverty. Our motto is “Everyone can do something!” because we believe that together we can accomplish a lot.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Volunteering is not only giving your time and helping others, it is also a way to grow and learn.

At Niños de Guatemala we value and appreciate every single volunteer and we make sure that their experience is special.

You will need a basic to intermediate knowledge of Spanish, but no other skills are needed. Just a will to work with children and a desire to change people's lives! Our volunteers have a chance to help at our two schools, either as Teacher´s Assistants during the morning classes or in our Arts Program (Expresión Artística) during the afternoon classes.

Non-cash donations: We accept donations in the form of school materials. Books, pens, pencils, paint, paper, pencil sharpeners, notebooks, playdoh, puzzles etc. We have a wishlist that is always being updated, and we can send it to anyone upon request.

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch

Contact name: James Richardson
Telephone number: +50278328033

Address: 41, 4a calle oriente, Antigua, 03001, Guatemala


Any further information the volunteer should know? If you do not speak Spanish yet, we will help you set up your Spanish lessons with Cambio, our profit-for-non-profit Spanish school. Additionally, if you want to begin preparing your Spanish skills even before you arrive, Cambio offers Skype lessons for an affordable price as well. Check out the website for more information.