Who we are: 
We a involved in helping island communities manage their marine resources. We run expeditions aboard donated yachts and do baseline monitoring of the reefs in need of protection, we work in participation with the local community to empower and educate them in marine conservation. OceansWatch is an international not-for-profit organisation that works with sailors, divers, scientists and the public to help Island communities to conserve their marine environments, develop sustainable livelihoods and learn about their environment.
Type of knowledge or skills needed: 
We are looking for volunteers who have: Marine or environmental qualifications, Sustainable development qualifications, Divers, Sailors, Enthusiastic and smart older people with life skills.
Non-cash donations: 
We accept: Sailing boats that we can use to access remote locations, Reading glasses, Children's books, Educational books, Stationary items, Sports equipment, Wooden toys.
Languages spoken at charity: 
English and French
Contact name: 
Telephone number: 
316 Clements Road, Whangarei, 0173, New Zealand
Any further information the volunteer should know?: 
We are currently working in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Accommodation is on the yacht.