Peru Luz de Esperanza

Who we are: We are based in Chupaca Ahuac, near Huancayo in the Andes(35 minutes from Huancayo). Our project is small but with big hopes for change. We currently teach english, music, maths, computation and arts (volunteer skills) to the children of 3 to 13 years old in four groups, kindergarten: 3-4, Level 1: 5-7, Level 2: 8-10 and Level 3: 11-13 year old in the schools, as well as running a kindergarten for smaler children.

Type of knowledge or skills needed:
PROGRAM - Education
We currently teach english, music, maths, computer skills, arts and other skills brought by volunteers to the children of 5 to 13 years old, Level 1:
5-7, Level 2: 8-10 and Level 3: 11-14 year old.
Project – Organic Gardens
Help work on planting and growing organic vegetables.
Project – Young Entrepreneur
Teach basic English to young people of 17 - 18 years of age.
Technical projects
We have just started to build the second part of our own school

Non-cash donations:
1. Schools things
2. We need donations of all sorts of books to equip the language library.
3. We would like to build 3 playgrounds.
4. Introduction of a Health Center: medical equipment and accessories.
5. Donation of clothes:
6. Implementation of carpentry, music, and baking. Therefore we require tools, utensils and musical instruments.
7.Therefore we require a donation of laptops. These are preferable as they can be transported easily from one place to another.
8.Office utensils : we need notebooks, pencils, rubbers, paper and other office utensils for the school.

Languages spoken at charity: English and spanish

Contact name: Nilton Tarazona
Telephone number: (+51)964330403

Address: 10ma.cuadra s/n., Jiron Coronel Echenique, Chupaca-Huancayo, 051, PERU


Any further information the volunteer should know?
If you want to communicate with us live, you can do so via twitter or Skype on Wednesdays 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. (Peru time).
Communication In Spanish - conversation live.
Communication in English - written communication.