Prout Research Institute of Venezuela

Who we are: Prout is the acronym for Progressive Utilization Theory, a new socio-economic model based on self-reliance of each region, cooperatives, environmental balance and universal spiritual values. In 2007 the Instituto Venezolano de Investigación de Prout was registered as an independent educational foundation, not for profit, with the goal to raise consciousness, support cooperatives and promote a balanced economy. We strive to transform lives and strengthen communities for the welfare of all, through research, education and outreach.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: We are seeking a wide range of people with different abilities and skills that can be applied to assist cooperatives, rural development and economic democracy in Venezuela. These would include community outreach, designing training programs and manuals, conducting and analyzing qualitative and/or quantitative research, grant writers, journalists, academic writers and editors, hardware, software (both Linux and Windows) and web support, gardening, permaculture, vegetarian cooking, building, and other skills.

Non-cash donations: laptops, good books, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish and English

Contact name: Dada and Eugenio
Telephone number: +58-212-238-8665, 886-2323

Address: Quinta Prout, Calle Terepaima con Monsen Sol, El Marques, Caracas, 1007, Venezuela