Proyecto Horizonte

Who we are: An organisation based outside of Cochabamba that works to improve the quality of life of the community through Education, Health and Community Development. We believe in an integral approach that promotes active participation and responsibility from our beneficiaries.  We run a daycare centre, school and night school, a health centre and various community development programs. The community development programs include community training, sport and art activities, housing and work initiatives such microenterprise support, technical training, English and computers. We work to provide help for violence victims and young mums and run campaigns to prevent these situations.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Volunteers need to be motivated and be willing to do a variety of jobs. An intermediate level of Spanish is preferable. Skills and knowledge that we can use include; teaching (academic and personal development), medical knowledge, sports, marketing, translations, grantwriting, business administration, exporting, design, environmental issues.

Non-cash donations: We always need material for teaching for all levels:
dynamic games, stationery, books, computers, sports equipment, construction material, furniture, medical equipment.

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish (all employees and beneficiaries).
English (volunteer coordinator)

Contact name: Eliza Wall
Telephone number: +59176967689

Address: Urbanizacion Mineros San Juan,  Km10 de Avenida Petrolera, Cochabamba, 76867689, Bolivia


Any further information the volunteer should know? The level to which volunteers can get involved depends on Spanish levels and length of stay. We have a minimum of 1 month and ask for a donation of $150usd from volunteers who stay less than 3months.