Roundabout Water Solutions

What we do: We are a non profit organization that provides rural primary schools with clean drinking water by means of a children’s roundabout (merry-go-round) which is placed over a borehole and as the children play on it clean drinking water is pumped into a storage tank for immediately use or to be drawn off at a later date.  Before a PlayPump (the merry-go-round) is installed each borehole is tested to ensure that the water is sustainable and also water samples are sent to a recognized laboratory to ensure that the water is fit for human consumption. Before the PlayPump the children were often taken out of class to collect water from dams and rivers, many of which were contaminated. Comments from school principals are that cases of water born diseases like diarrhea decrease and that having water at school encourages the children to attend.  It also ensures that the children do not get dehydrated and that there is water to cook with for the school meal.

We need volunteers to: Not applicable

Non-cash donations needed: cash donations gratefully received.

Contact name: Sandra Hayes
Telephone number: +27 11 82 704 0370

Address: Gauteng, South Africa

Languages spoken: English