Who we are: For the protection of the natural resources, ecology in the Eastern Ghats we started working in a small tribal hamlet in 1987 and formally registered in 1990. Education is the prime concern of us as education is an important vehicle of self assertion and social development. We’ve been running a waldorf inspired program -Balamitra for tribal children for the last 7 years in 40 active learning centers, four resource centers in interior hill top tribal hamlets and one main center in Visakhapatnam. We help 1000 tribal children in a year apart from being a strong advocacy group for tribal communities.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: For solar energy experts, carpenters, landscaper, house building (eco), farming, and teaching (prefer waldorf experience) different subjects and Music, Art & Craft, Dance, Theatre etc

There are also opportunities to assist in office administration, research work, fundraising and other creative actions.

Non-cash donations: Samata has a dream to build Eco-friendly village for its own community of staff, children, teachers, volunteers and researchers. During 2010 we have initiated the village and built some living, working, teaching, space in our organic farm that is 22 kilometers away from Visakhapatam city.

At present the needs for the community are - grid free solar / wind / bio mass power, a resident medical doctor, tele-communication, waste management and transport. Non-cash donations to fulfill these necessities are requested

Languages spoken at charity: English, Hindi, Telugu

Contact name: Ravi Rebbapragada
Telephone number: +919848195937, +919989846698,

Address: Samata, Dabbanda Village, Mamidilova Panchayat, Visakhapatnam - District, Andhrapradesh, Gandigundam post, 531173, India


Any further information the volunteer should know?

Please visit volunteering page of Samta ( ) to know more about volunteering with Samta.

Visit our schools online at to know more about the education program.

Visit volunteering page in Balamitra ( ) for more details on volunteering in Education program.

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