Save the Wild Chinchillas, Inc.

Who we are: Save the Wild Chinchillas is an environmental conservation organization whose goal is to ensure that endangered long-tailed chinchillas do not become extinct. In order to meet this goal we have three objectives: educate people of all ages, collect funds to protect habitat, and promote studies.  We focus on collecting seeds, growing seedlings and planting seedlings to enhance wild chinchilla habitat.  Also, we create rock piles for the to have places to live.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Must be ok living alone in primitive conditions and the closest neighbors are 1.3 km down the road.

Non-cash donations: Planting supplies, tent, fences, hoses, etc.  -things need to grow and protect seedlings from rabbits and livestock

Languages spoken at charity: English, Spanish, some sign language

Contact name: Amy Deane
Telephone number: 66260724

Address: La Puntilla Norte, Illapel, 99999, Chile


Any further information the volunteer should know? We do not offer any food or supplies -just a place to put your tent.  And, when the bad bugs are not in season, we have a modest cabin.