Silent Heroes Foundation

What we do: Silent Heroes Foundation is committed to support efforts to improve both animal and human health in Africa, as well as to aid in the protection and conservation of its wildlife and endangered species. We achieve this by distributing veterinary supplies to veterinarians in need in Africa, providing supplies and training to park rangers and conservationists in Africa’s national parks, and distributing medical supplies to those clinics that service the individuals taking part in this conservation effort. We support One Health in Africa.  Educate, Empower, Equip.

We need volunteers to: Assist in veterinary procedures, orphan rehabilitation, or other project work in the field at a number of our projects in Africa.  In the United States we need assistance in fundraising (race for our cause or fundraise on our website), social media and communications (help spread the word of our cause), and solicitation for supplies (request donations from local hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and the like). 

Non-cash donations needed: Medical supplies, veterinary supplies, medical and veterinary textbooks, ranger field gear (camping supplies, watches, compasses, GPS), medications, vaccines. 

Contact name: Dr. Hayley Adams
Telephone number: 001 706 761 3793

Uganda address: Kampala, Uganda
US address: 6192 Adeline Court, McLean, VA, 22101, USA.


Languages spoken: Director of Operations: English; Assistant Director of Operations: English, some Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Uganda languages:  four languages all grouped together and called called Runyakitara (Rukiga, Runyankore, Rutooro, Runyoro), and Luganda.

Other useful information: We offer veterinary externships at a number of our projects in Africa, as well as a few opportunities for graduate students and veterinarians. We also offer internships in the US in fundraising, marketing, and nonprofit management. Contact Dr. Adams for more information.