South Kolkata Hamari Muskan

What we do: We work with children of prostitutes in the red light area to prevent the children from being trafficked into the same trade

We need volunteers to: Writing Proposals and raising funds; Using communication tools to spread our work; Undertake research to document the impact;             

Non-cash donations needed: Toys for children, Laptop, Computer, Printer, Camera, Fire extinguisher

Contact name: Srabani Sarkar Neogi, Trustee
Telephone number: +919903285207

Address: C-227, Survey Park, Santoshpur, Kolkata, 700075, India


Languages spoken: Bengali, Hindi and English

Other useful information: Hamari Muskan (South Kolkata) works with children aged between 3 to 6 years in the red light area of Bowbazar in Central Kolkata from October 2009. Now the number of members has increased to more than 65 (including children up to 18years of age and the women who are in prostitution). The main objective of the program is to build confidence and resilience amongst children so that they can be better equipped to access their right to education and become individuals with better mental health status. For this we conduct regular therapeutic sessions including Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Dance movement therapy, Storytelling, besides admitting them in the mainstream school and helping them to excel in their studies. Today our children are not only excelling in their education but are dreaming of professional careers like teaching, medicine and law.