Survivors Fund (SURF)

What we do: Survivors Fund (SURF) is the principal international organisation representing and supporting the 350,000 survivors of the genocide in Rwanda to secure restorative justice. SURF recognises that a holistic approach, incorporating medical, economic, and social assistance, is required to ensure vulnerable and marginalised survivors are empowered to rebuild their lives. The foundation of our work is focused on livelihood development, recognising that in enabling survivors to generate a sustainable income they can be independent to address their own needs. Our model is to build the capacity of survivor-led partner organisations to develop and deliver such work independently.

We need volunteers to: Not applicable

Non-cash donations needed: Non-cash donations which can be utilised are primarily electrical goods, such as laptops, digital cameras, mobile phones. Cash donations gratefully received to support the work of the charity to extend support to vulnerable survivors of the genocide in Rwanda.

Contact name: Ariane Uwamahoro
Telephone number: 0788 304 665
Email: ariane(at)

Address: PO Box 1942, Kigali, Rwanda


Languages spoken: Kanyarwanda, English, French

Other useful information: Our office is where Computec was formerly located: