Who we are: Founded in 2003, Temwa’s mission is to help the people of Malawi build a sustainable future through empowering them to manage their own development. Currently we serve a population of 32,000 people in Nkhata Bay North; offering projects in health education, skills development, schools support, agriculture and forestry. These projects aim to address the serious development issues faced by the Malawian people. Ranked as the 9th poorest country in the world, 75% of the population live on less than £1 a day and 22% are unable to meet their daily food needs (UNDP – 2011; DFID – 2010).

In order to address these development issues, our work aims to build social capacity through education and training to stimulate the social action needed to realise change. Temwa has grown organically from the needs identified by the communities; as such our approach ensures that all decision making, project development and implementation is conducted through community engagement and involvement.

We need volunteers to: At Temwa we are careful to ensure that our projects are run by the communities we serve and as such our voluntary roles are extremely limited. Over the years we have taken volunteers who have particular skill or expertise in areas associated with our projects. However, these are not regular positions and arise as and when required. If you have particular expertise in sustainable or rural development then please feel free to send a CV.
Temwa also has a fundraising office located in Bristol in the United Kingdom. In this office there are numerous voluntary opportunities as well as internship schemes and work experience placements. Positions are regularly available and advertised. If you feel like you would like to volunteer upon return (if resident in the UK) then please send a CV.

Non-cash donations needed: Temwa is always in need of laptops, USBs, hard-drives and software programmes for the offices in Malawi. We have 30 full-time staff in Malawi and currently there is a shortage of a lot of electronic equipment. Any gifts-in-kind relevant to the organisation are always welcome, if you think you have something you would like to donate then please feel free to contact us.

Contact name: Sheena Wynne
Telephone number: 07964933722
Email: sheena@temwa.org.uk

Address: PO BOX 1096, Mzuzu, Malawi

Website: www.temwa.org
Languages spoken: English/ Chichewa/ Tumbuka