The ARA Project

Who we are: The ARA Project is an organisation dedicated to the conservation and re-introduction of the Scarlet Macaw and Great Green Macaw in Costa Rica.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: If you can use a rake, chop and collect fruit you are perfect! Gardening, Building, and animal husbandry skills are always welcome!

Non-cash donations: Veterinary Supplies; Educational Supplies; Lists available on request

Languages spoken at your charity: English, Spanish

Contact name: Jenny
Telephone number: (00506) 8662 2663

Address: The ARA Project, Rio Segundo, Alajuela, 10200, Costa Rica

Website: www,

Any further information the volunteer should know?
To volunteer with The ARA Project there are some basic requirements:
• You must be 18 years or over
• You must have English language skills

You could be working long hours in sometimes uncomfortable and dirty situations and maybe on your own.

For more information please email