The Language Project

Who we are: Creating and supporting libraries in underdeveloped areas. Giving motivated people the resources and tools they need to study and help themselves.

Type of knowledge needed: They can stop by the library opposite Wat Nong and interact with the kids that are there (ages 14 to late 20s). Ways to interact include practicing English conversation (or Japanese or Korean), playing scrabble or chess or some other game with users, getting out the microscopes and doing an activity, showing how to do something on the computer, teaching something you are good at to users, if you are into teaching helping staff make interactive materials or activities for math, science, photography, thinking and problem solving, teaching new magic tricks.

Non-cash donations: participating as suggested above, bringing us your old electronics - laptops, tablets, smartphones, earphones, CD players, USBs, cameras, videos cameras. We work with all of those at my library and set up any extras to go out into other libraries and into the countryside. Bringing us science activities or materials to support some of the talented artists who use the library. We do not generally want donated books. Our book needs are very specific and hard for someone who hasn't been here to understand. We try to maintain a collection of books where it is easy for people to find things of interest, at their level.

Full Name of Contact: Carol
Daytime Phone Number: 856 20 97122771


Street Address: PO Box 905, Luang Prabang, Laos.

Languages spoken: The staff speak English, Lao and Hmong. The users study many languages but especially English, Japanese and Korean.