Tips on how you can help

Each of the charity profiles on this site includes a 'wish list' of what that organisation could use. It's likely that the majority of charities will accept financial donations, but there are many more ways in which you'll be able to help - here are a few suggestions.

Transferable skills

What skills do you have that might be useful for the charity? If you're a builder you could advise on materials or help with a construction project, or you might have teaching, language, IT or social media skills that you could share.

Those with medical experience will always be of use - is there a local clinic that could do with help or drugs that you might be able to bring from home? If you've got a skill, share it.

Lending a hand

If you're able to visit a children's charity for a few hours you might be able to read stories or help with mealtimes. Anyone with counselling experience could offer time with people suffering from terminal illness, such as HIV/Aids.

Lightweight items you can bring from home

Mobile phones, children's books, teaching materials, wind up torches, women's sanitary items, women's underwear, shoes, mosquito nets.

Promoting a charity

If you'd like to help promote a charity, perhaps you could take photos and set up a Facebook page. A call to the charity every few weeks would enable you to keep the information up to date, and may help increase the fundraising and networking capabilities of the organisation.

Have you got a tip you'd like to add?

Please go to the Contact us page and let us know.