Uganda Rural Fund (URF)

Who we are: URF is a community organization empowering AIDS orphans, underprivileged youth and women to fight poverty in rural communities, through educational and sustainable development opportunities. We strive to help people help to help themselves.

Our programs include: a secondary vocational school, kindergarten, child-headed families, youth activities, women empowerment, water and sanitation, village banking, after school program, leadership training, medical clinic, and medical camps.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: None; just the passion to help others in need.

Non-cash donations:
- Laptops
- Books and school supplies
- Shoes and clothing
- Medical supplies
- Educational software and videos
- Computer projectors
- Ask the coordinator for a comprehensive list of needs

Languages spoken at charity: English and local languages

Contact name: John Mary Lugemwa
Telephone number: 1-763-291-1102

Address: 35 Masaka-Mbarara Road, Masaka, Box 1220, Uganda


Any further information the volunteer should know? We welcome volunteers any time of the year. Email us for details.