Urban Poor Consortium

Who we are: Urban Poor Consortium (UPC) Indonesia is a coalition of civil society organisations and like-minded individuals focusing on urban poverty and impoverishment issues. It was formally founded in September 1997, one year before the downfall of the repressive Suharto regime. We envision cities for all, where social, economic and cultural diversities are positive resources and strength for a socially just and democratic city and the urban poor are strongly organised and independent, and are able to develop a pro-poor counter system. Empowerment of the urban poor is done by implementing three main strategies, i.e., organising, advocacy, and networking. UPC has cities members in Banda Aceh, Jakarta, Kendari, Lampung, Makassar, Palembang, Palu, Pangkep, Pare-Pare, Pontianak, Surabaya.

We need volunteers to: Help us with marketing and communications; urban planners; English teachers / mentors who can deliver English courses to our staff; sanitation experts, and database system experts.

Type of noncash donations they would appreciate: Books for pre-school children (we run education programmes for urban poor children).

Full Name of Contact: M. Nawir, Co-Coordinator
Daytime Phone Number: 62.21.27920090
Email: upc@urbanpoor.or.id

Website: www.urbanpoor.or.id

Street Address: PO BOX 4090 JKTJ 13300 Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia

Languages spoken: Mainly we use Bahasa Indonesia in our daily activities, and English is our second language.