Vision Orgaationniz (VO)

Who we are: VO is a non-governmental, non-political, not for profit women’s organization based in South Sudan. VO is motivated by the desire of a select group of women to raise the status and contribution of women in South Sudan.

Our vision: to protect human rights through access to justice, good governance and advocacy for women's and children's rights, engagement of women and young people in democracy and community building processes and to raise the status of women in society and harness their talents in order to become agents of change in their communities and central to development processes.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Training, exchange visits and study opportunities.

Non-cash donations: Solar electrification equipment and cooking equipment.

Languages spoken at charity: English and Arabic

Contact name: Zeindab Blandia
Telephone number: 619-408-6209

Address: Juba, South Sudan