Volunteer Las Tolas

Who we are: Brimming with exciting activities for adventurous travellers, a variety of important volunteer and learning opportunities, Las Tolas is a trend-setting community, deeply rooted in the traditions of its Yumbo ancestors, in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest of the Andes Mountains.

Volunteering with the community in Las Tolas is a truly memorable and life-changing experience...you will be able to stay with a host family, immerse yourself in Ecuadorian culture, take part in a flexible volunteering programme, practice your Spanish and create life-long memories and friends.

Type of knowledge or skills needed: Our volunteering opportunities are flexible and range from teaching English in the local school or in the community, working in the craft workshop, planting trees as part of the reforestation programme or working on the farms…from milking cows or picking coffee beans to planting vegetables! Our volunteers typically work for 5/6 hours a day and have the afternoons and evening to take advantage of exploring the hidden gems in the cloud forest,
play volleyball with the community, the guitar with Renee, go bird watching with Salomon or horse riding with Magdalena.

Non-cash donations: Please discuss non-cash donations with our volunteer co-ordinator - we always appreciate skills and knowledge above everything else. Other donations are also welcomed for the primary school, medical post and community centre.

Languages spoken at charity: Spanish, English

Contact name: Teresa - Volunteer Co-ordinator
Telephone number: volunteer@lastolas.org
Email: volunteer@lastolas.org

Address: Las Tolas Community, Nr Tulipe, Quito, Ecuador

Website: www.lastolas.org

Any further information the volunteer should know? Our natural wonders, warm and welcoming community, and environmentally-focused tourism cooperative ensures that every visitor has an unforgettable experience and every dollar spent stays in the community of Las Tolas.

We look forward to hearing from you - hasta pronto!