Water Aid Matters in Africa

What we do: Raise money, and use these funds to construct wells and irrigation systems for villages in Tanzania in Africa. We aim for these to relieve sickness, promote and protect good health and advance education. We also inform the people living in the village about how the storage water system and well works.

We need volunteers: That are qualified engineers, who have specialised in water resource management. We need these volunteers to come out to the districts of Northern Tanzania to survey these areas in order to put forward plans. These plans need to inform the communities what they need to do in order to access clean water that they can drink. It is then the job of the charity to encourage these people to raise the funds for a particular project.
Non cash donations: Could include the materials needed to complete the particular water projects the charity is working on.

Contact name: Eliza Swanton
Telephone number: 02089790295
Email: elizaswanton@hotmail.com
Address: Compton, 87 High Street Hampton, Middlesex, TW 12 2SX, UK

Website: pipedreamstanzania.org.uk
Languages spoken: English